What to Expect?

Finding Us (map)

We are meeting at Pepper Ridge Elementary School while our new building is being constructed. When you come down “Old 66 ” from Veteran’s Parkway, stay to the right to continue on to Fox Creek Rd. Whether approaching from the north or the south on Fox Creed Rd. you will see our church flags at Danbury Drive. Turn up Danbury Drive and enter the driveway to the school where you see our church flags. The parking area will be on the left. When you exit your car, follow the directional signs to the gymnasium entrance (which is hidden from your view until you get to the entrance walkway)

Entering the Building

Coming through the entrance doors, you will be greeted by a smiling face and offered a bulletin that will include a communication card, sermon notes for the day’s lesson, and the church calendar. You will be directed to the nursery if you have infants, and the kid’s ministrarea if you have children. All teens and adults will be directed to the gymnasium for the worship service.


Inside the gymnasium you will be
greeted by many smiling faces of
helpful people wanting to make
you feel right at home. You will be
invited to enjoy a cup of coffee
and a donut before the worship
service begins.


We have prepared a clean, safe, enclosed area for infants and toddlers. A team of responsible ladies will provide supervision and loving care for the little ones.

Kids Church
The children will enjoy a time of fun and singing together, and then will be divided into graded classes for a Bible lesson.

Worship Service

During the worship service, there will opportunities to sing hymns and gospel songs old and new together. Our worship style is traditional. There will be a short time of announcements and an offering will be taken. The offering is an opportunity for our regular attenders to give towards the operating expenses and special programs of the church. Guests are welcome to give an offering, but should not feel obligated. A Bible message will be preached and the service will conclude with a song. Worship services are one hour long.

What Should I Wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable wearing to church. You will see various styles at Freedom Baptist. You will see jeans, shorts, t-shirts, polos, buttoned shirts, suits and ties, pants, dresses etc.